PSI  SRAM & Linear Flash Driver Request Form

Please fill out the following form so we can send the proper driver to you. You must be our customer on file in order to receive the drivers. If the SRAM and/or linear flash cards were not purchased from us, we can't guarantee their compatibility with the drivers!

Windows XP provides native drivers for SRAM and LF cards, however, only certain brands/ models of SRAM and linear flash cards are supported.

1. Basic Contact Information

Your Sales Number
from PSI
(Must have. This is the # on your sales receipt. It starts with 2k)
Your Name 
Street Address
State / Province
ZIP (Postal) Code
Country (if not USA)
Phone Number
(plus area code)
(Very Important)
Fax Number
(plus area code)
Email Address  (Must, without this we can't e-mail you!)   

2. Your System

What Operating System are you using? (Must) 

What kind of PC card are you using? SRAM  or  Linear Flash Card  
What brand and/or part number is the PC card ? (Must) 



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