Memory Cards for Handheld PCs, Auto Testers, Data Loggers, etc.

Basically, we divide the memory cards in the following categories. Prices of the cards follow. Some of these cards are used for industrial and precision agricultural data collection devices (Intermec Janus 2010, 2020; AG yield monitor, etc.), routers, hubs, switches and digital cameras.

For laptop, server, desktop, router and digital camera memories, please click here.

Category I :
Type I Linear Flash Cards
(industrial grade cards available, click here)
ABB AC450 (IMC004FLSA); Alesis music keyboard/synthesizer (5V); Apple E-mate 300 (AMD, II+, series 100);  Newtons 100, 120 & 130 (AMD, II, II+),   MessagePad (2000, 2100, 3000) ;  Digital Ocean Tarpon & Seahorse; BP Micro programmer (AMD 12MB); Chrysler DRB III scanner (II); Ford/Hickok NGS (New Generation Star) tester ( I); GE Fanuc CNC Series (FN5008);  GM/Vetronix Tech2 scanner (series II, D, Value 100); HP 100 & 200 LX (5V); Honeywell CU10481 (PM24276);  Intermec Janus 2010 (see remark below), 2020 (5v), EC-301 Printer (iMC002FLSC); Konica/Minolta Copiers DI620, DI520, DI550, CF2002, CF2001, CF 3102, CF3502 (AMD); Korg PA80 (8/16MB); Kyrocera printers;  Mavowatt 45 (AMD);  Motorola Envoy 150 (2 MB) & Marco; Olympus D-1000 voice recorder (mini-flash IFM008A); Sharp Zaurus ZR5000, 5700 & 5800 & Expertpad (up to 24MB); Siemens NCU (4MB[II], 8MB [Value 100]);  Timemark Delta 3 (FLSC), Lamda (II) traffic controllers; Telco Access 6024 CMM (1MB, series I), 6025 CMM (2MB, 5V); Woodward controllers; Zoll M-series Defibrillator (II); etc. & Cisco, Nortel, Xyplex, Lucent, Ascend, Nokia & 3COM Router Memories
Category II :
ATA Flash Memory Cards
(industrial grade cards available, click here)
Acura MDX Navigation; AG Leader PFadvantage yield monitor; AT&T/Avaya Phone systems; Bernina Sewing & Embroidery Machine Artista 200E; Case IH Ver4.5 yield monitor; Casio Cassiopeia A-10 , A-11 & A-11 Plus,  Z-7000,  Casio Japan Cassiopeia A-50;  Compaq Companion-HPC C120, C120+, C140,  C-series 810, 2010 & 2015; Entek 1200 Vibration Analyzer; Flir (Infomatrics) MP290 thermoCam (Sandisk); GE Fanuc CNC Series 18-B, 18-C, 18i-A, 20-A, 21-B, 21i-A (Sandisk); Geomation 2380; HP OmniGo 100/200 & 200/300/320/360/620/700 LX; Hitachi HPC & HPW10E (up to 20 MB); Honeywell Multi-Trend; IBM TP 700T; Janus (Intermec) 2020D, 5020; Leica GS50 GPS (Sandisk); LG Electronics GP 20M/40M & Phenom HPC; Lucent CBX500 and GX550; Merit Game machine; NCR 7450 POS; NEC MobilePro 200, 400, 450, 700, 770, 780, 800;  Novatel Wireless C-O-N-T-A-C-T;  Oxford FD4; Prolinear HPC; Respironics SmartMonitor 2; Roland AR-3000, MS-1 Sampler (Sandisk); Sharp Mobilon HC-4000, 4100, 4500; Zaurus MI504, 506; Toshiba T200; Trinble GPS Logger, Tharo printer, etc.
Category III :
(industrial grade cards available, click here)
Advantest U-3641 analyzer (2MB), AG Leader yield monitors (w/o 2KB); Alesis DM Pro, S4 and QS Series music keyboard/ synthesizer; ; Amstrad NC100, NC200; Apple E-mate 300 , Newton 100, 120, 130 & MessagePads (with 2KB); Applied/PE Bio system PCR9700; BSS FDS-388; CSI 2120 analyzer (8MB); Case IH yield monitor (w/o 2KB); Casio Zoomer Z7000; Chroma video generator 2329; Clavia Nord Lead Synthesizers; Compaq HS-D40, J40, J50 & Z50 controllers; Dipstick 2000 floor profiler; Dranetz PP4300;  Emerson CSI 2120-2 vibration analyzer; Ensoniq KT & MR Series; Entek IRD Vibration Analyzer DP1500; FATO CL408 Printer; Fluke Hydra 2635A; Fujitsu Poet; GE Fanuc CNC Series (need attribute) 15-B, 16-B, 16-C, 16i-A, 18-B, 18-C, 18i-A, 20-A, 21-B, 21i-A, Power Mate H (PM-H), PM-1, Motion Mate MCS700; HP 95/100/200/700 LX, 1000CX & OmniGo 100/120 & 8935 series Analyzer; Interek (RRD)1250;  Intermec Janus 2010 **(see below), 2020, 5020; IRD Datapac 1500; Janus 2010/2020; Kantrox MUX; Korg 01/Wfd; Kyrocera-Mita printers; LaserAtlanta Rangefinder; Leica TC1100, TCA-1600, TCR 1102; Magic Cap DataRover;  Markem printers; Micro-Trak & Satloc Yield Monitors (w/o 2KB);  Midas XL4; Motorola Envoy 150 (2MB) & Marco (2MB) (with attribute); Nikon DTM720 survey instrument;  Omron CVM1B PLC (2KB); Pfaff sewing machine; Rockwell DP1250, DP1500Roland AR-3000, MS-1; Sharp Mobilon HC-4000, 4100, 4500, PDA 3100, Zaurus ZR5000, 5700, 5800 (with attribute, 2MB), Norand; Sony Magic Link (with 2KB); Satloc GPS system (w/o 2KB); STA DP2624; TekLynx PrintPad 2000; Telxon PTC1140; Topcon FS & GTS data collectors; Toyo TM150 molding machine; Two Technology PCL-50 terminal; Trimble NT200D; Vandorn Demag Pathfinder 5000; Videx Omniwand; Wavetak data collector, etc. 
Category IV :
CompactFlash Cards
(industrial grade cards available, click here)
Casio Cassiopeia A-20, A-50, A-51, BE-300, E-10, E-11, E-15, E-100, E-115, E-125, PA2400; Compaq Aero models, iPAQ 3635/H3135; Everex Freestyle; IBM PalmPad 100, WorkPad Z50; HP 320/360/620 LX, Jornada  420/428/430/525/540/545/548/ 620/660/680/720/820; Hitachi HPC (CE2.0); Intermec Janus 5020; LG Electronics Phenom; NEC MobilePro 700, 780,800 ; OTC Genisys scanner;  Palmax PD-300; Philips Ninos; Psion Series 5, 7 (3.3V);  Samsung InfoGear; Sharp Zaurus MI504, 506, 5060C; Toshiba E570, 740; Uniden Unipro PC100/100A; Vadem Clio, etc.
Category V :
MMC Card
Secure Disk (SD) Cards
(industrial grade SD cards available, click here)
MMC: Casio Cassiopeia EM500; EM500UB; Diamond Rio 500, etc.; Fluke DSP-4300; Toshiba E310; etc.
SD card: Compaq iPaq 3850, 3870; Palm i705, m125, m500, m505, etc.;
Toshiba E310; etc.
Category VI :
PCMCIA Hard Disks
Acura MDX Navigation; Epson EHT-40, EHT-400C; Fujitsu Stylist 500Lucent CBX500 and GX550; Toshiba Dynapad T200; Alpine (Acqra) GPS Navigation system; etc.
Category VII :
Type II CF+ Photo Hard Drives
Casio Cassiopeia E100, E105; Compaq 2930A, Aero 8000; HP 620LX, Jornada 430SE, 680/690, 820; IBM Z50; Minolta Dimage 7; Psion Netbook, Series 7; Sharp Zaurus MI504, 506; Vadem Clio C1050; etc. Please click  here to check more compatibility.

 **: Intermec's Janus 2010's are not all the same. Some older ones can take SRAM with or without 2KB attribute and some only with 2KB. Linear flash card is too slow to work on these devices.

Category I                                                                  
Type I PCMCIA Linear Flash Memory Cards

Our linear flash cards will work with the devices listed in the compatibility matrix above. 

Specifications:  Please click here for general specs of the linear flash cards.


  • For pricing information of the AMD and Intel chipset linear flash cards, please click here.
  • If you are looking for genuine Intel i-series linear flash cards, please click here.
  • For industrial-grade linear flash cards, please click here.


Category II                                                                 
Types I, II & III PCMCIA ATA Flash Memory Cards

PSI supplies commercial grade and industrial grade ATA flash cards (operating temperature range: -40 deg C to +85 deg C).  For general specifications for the ATA flash cards, please click here.  


  • Please click here for pricing.

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Category III                                                                
Type I PCMCIA SRAM Cards :

These cards work with the devices listed in the compatibility matrix on the top as well as other industrial equipments, such as data collectors, harvest monitors, etc. 

For your best system compatibility, our SRAM cards are manufactured to be Windows-compatible, i.e. they can be read/written like a hard drive under Windows.  For a PC card reader to read/write SRAM cards, please click here.


  • For pricing info of the dual battery SRAM cards, please click here
  • For pricing info of the SRAM cards with rechargeable battery, please click here.
  • For industria-grade SRAM cards, please click here.

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Category IV                                                                
Compact Flash Cards  for your Palmtops & Embedded Systems

PSI supplies both consumer and industrial compact flash cards. These compact flash cards work with the devices listed in the compatibility matrix above. Both commercial-grade, Industrial-grade and rugged CF cards for extended temperature range are available.  

Want to add the boot function from your CF card? Just add a CF-IDE adapter to your PC or embedded system. Find the CF-IDE adapters here.

 Industrial-Grade Compact Flash Cards:

PSI supplies industrial compact flash cards from the following vendors/manufacturers.

SiliconSystems PSI-APRO SimpleTech Sandisk

These industrial grade CF cards are ruggedized with long life time and high shock and vibration tolerance. There are two kinds: one operates in normal temperature range (0 ~ 70 deg C) and one can operate in wide temperature range (-40 ~ +85 deg C). Click here for specs.

Sandisk Brand Industrial Compact Flash Cards:

Note: Sandisk has discontinued its industrial product line. Please click here to find the items in stock.


Apro Industrial Grade and Rugged Compact Flash Cards:

These industrial-grade CF cards are ruggedized  in metal housing and work in extreme temperature conditions, -40 ~ +85 degree C. 

To find part numbers and pricing, please click here For other industrial storage options, please click here.

Consumer-Grade CF Cards:
Operating temperature: 0 ~ 60 degree C.

Sandisk Consumer-Grade Cards:


Type II PCMCIA Adapter for type I CompactFlash click here

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Category V                                                        
We now offer consumer grade SD and MMC cards for use with consumer electronics as well as industrial grade SD cards for industrial storage use.

A. Consumer MMC & Secure Disks (SD) Flash Memory Cards:


For other industrial flash products, please click here.
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Category VI                                                            
Type II PCMCIA Hard Disks & Type II Microdrives + Adapter

We carry type II hard disks by Kingston & Toshiba. These hard drives work with the devices listed in the compatibility matrix above and can also be used in your notebook PCs, some digital cameras and automobile navigation systems.  


For pricing info of the Kingston & Toshiba PCMCIA type II hard disks, please click here

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Category VII                                                            
Type II CF+ Photo Hard Drives

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