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 USB External ATA and SRAM  Read/Writer 


Model OMNIDriveUSB Pro

 CSM OMNIDriveUSB Pro is an external read-writer for PC Card SRAM, ATA Flash and type II Hard Drive cards. Used in concert with a Type II PC Card adapter, it will work with a variety of ATA-compliant memory cards including CompactFlash and SmartMedia. OMNIDriveUSB Pro employs USB 2.0 for high transfer rates, providing excellent performance in storage applications with PC Card hard disks or ATA Flash Cards.

Packaged with extensive PC Card support software, OMNIDriveUSB Pro is designed to work with Microsoft operating systems. The software package include support and drivers for PC Card SRAM, a rarity for external read-writers. PC Card Device drivers configure themselves depending on the available resources, ensuring trouble free installation and removal from the host system. The international registered product ID utilized by the OMNIDriveUSB Pro guarantees correct identification of PC Cards. 

PC Manger software utilities feature capabilities of storing programs and data on memory cards in user defined formats, and performing single byte access on card contents. The universal CSM 16 and 32 bit application interface (API) enables direct access from programs to any memory card. PC Card Manager is a powerful tool for checking PC Cards and includes a hex editor and DOS Formatter. Designed for harsh industrial applications and heavy duty loads, the robust aluminum case protects the reader and PC Card. OMNIDriveUSB Pro provides exceptional data security electrostatic discharge safeguards. Further, it features low voltage monitoring and power failure detection. Additional data security is achieved by continuous checksum monitoring during data transfer. 


  • CE Approved
  • Easy Installation
  • Accepts Type I and II PC Cards
  • Supports multiple partition PCMCIA Cards
  • Device Drivers for Win 98/SE/ME/2000/XP and Vista
  • PCMCIA Version 2.1/JEIDA 4.1 Compliant
  • Up to 11 Mb/sec Transfer Rate for USB 1.1 or 480 Mb/sec for USB 2.0
  • Front panel power/busy lights
  • Hot insertion and removal
  • One year warranty
PC Card Support
  • PC Card SRAM
  • Type I or II ATA memory and hard drive PC Cards
  • Type I or II adapters containing ATA-compliant media (ie. SmartMedia, CompactFlash)
  • PC Card Version 2.1/JEIDA 4.1
  • Universal Serial Bus 1.1/2.0
System Requirements
  • PC with USB 1.1 or later
  • Windows 98/98SE/Millennium Edition/2000/XP/Vista/Win 7
Transfer Rates
  • Up to 11 Mb/sec for USB 1.1 or up to 480 Mb/sec for USB 2.0
Electrical Characteristics
  • Operational Voltage: DC +5 Volts direct from USB
  • Optional Power supply available for 220/110 VAC
Package Includes
  • OMNIDrive
  • USB Cable
  • USer Guide
  • CSM Standard PC Card Manager Software with
    • Flexible DOS Format Utility
    • Hex Editor and Binary Data Copy Utility
    • Inspect and Repair Tool for ATA media
Operating Environment
  • Operating temperature: 0░ C to 70░ C
  • Storage temperature: -20░ C to 85░ C
  • Relative Humidity: 90% (max.) non-condensing
Physical Dimensions
  • 135 x 109 x 35mm (LWH)
  • 300g (approx.)

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WARRANTY & SUPPORT.  Tech support from manufacturer and PSI. For tech support and/or RMA, please go to http://www.psism.com/support.htm

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